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November 2011



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B5 contest

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 45 - Kosh - Reminder

Only 5 of us have entered.

Kosh needs some love.

Lots of lovely images to crop, colo(u)r, blend, animate and what not here.

Kosh is such a significant character to the Babylon 5 story methinks.


You beat me to the update post ;P

I have *lots* of ideas for icons in the works, but my muse has vanished again and I mean totally vanished :\ Many partially made icons are waiting for the finishing touch or a key element and I can't figure out how to apply it. Sooooooo... I for one wouldn't mind an extension *hint, hint* haha ;P
Oops, didn't know whether you'd be able to this week. I noticed one or two tags hadn't been added (not like you) so thought you must be busy or out of town.

We could run the next one concurrent for a week.

We need to find your muse.

Enjoy :)
I'm here, just very busy. It's gardening season so I've been running around looking for the veggies for my garden and then planting. I'm doing lots of Spring house cleaning that the weather is nicer and I can open the doors. Also it's Stanley Cup (hockey) playoff time. Our team is in the playoffs, so I've been watching a lot of TV and following hockey online more. Hockey and Bab5 icon making don't seem to co-exist in my brain very well. It's either one or the other.

It usually takes me two to three days to make one icon if my muse is talking to me, and one day to finish an almost complete one. See I'm very slow, lolol ;) Any extension would be great, thank you :D
you didn't think I was going to NOT do a Kosh icon did you?

*shakes head*

I have always been here :P check next post and i ain't finished yet :P
Have to admit, I was worried there for a while.

He's my favourite Vorlon. Kosh is different to the others, kinder, he cares. (I seem to be paraphrasing Lyta here, but it's true.)
Where you going to extend the deadline by a week? I'm exhausted and overwhelmed with stuff right now and could really use the extra time *tired begging puppy eyes*.