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November 2011



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Bee: Shadow

crazybee in babylon5contest

Contest Entry Week #45: Kosh *updated*

1:kosh  2:kosh  3:kosh 3  4:kosh 4  5:kosh

 6:kosh01 7:kosh 8:kosh 9:kosh 10:kosh

11:Kosk  12:kosh2  13:kosh  14:kosh  15:kosh

16:kosh 17:kosh 18: 19: 20:

21:22:kosh 23:kosh 24: kosh25: Kosh

Fonts: Arial, 04b03, TOMMY HILFIGER

p.s. 16-21 added 24th April

p.s.s. 22-25 added 4th May and changed #13

~ B ~
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IS Kosh in #13? Can't see him there *sobs*. Have to have him in every one for icon to go in 'cause Gold Awardee gets to call the tune on it y'see.

Amazing brush and texture work. My favourites are 1, 7, 9, 10, 11.

Look forward to seeing what you do with the other caps.
yeah i know, about #13, was still working with that one when i saw the post about no kosh loving so i just uploaded everything i had done to date, dont worry there is more ;)
OK, am not happy with my icons now that I've seen yours :( These are great :)
great? i think these are okish if anything. Man I'm so hard on myself sometimes its not funny when it comes to graphics lol
You and me both on over critiquing our own work. What I like is how you come up with so many different looks and colors.
21 is great! Love the coloring and the font used. #20 makes me laugh ^^ I would've never thought of Kosh walking down the aisle, lol!
dunno where i got the idea for kosh walking down the aisle like that, it just came to me after i cropped that test tube human cap. Can even hear the cheesy shopping music in my head, yup I'm bonkers :P

I loving 21 too :P
I like your 19 a lot, Kosh in front of the canisters. The lighting and colours work for me; nicely sinister!