whitestar (whitestar) wrote in babylon5contest,

Great Tag Post New Members Update

Please welcome two new members to babylon5contest! They are ryuuzaki_megami and byewonderland. Welcome aboard, and we're glad to have you join us! You'll find that I've added your names to the "Great Tags Post". This means you now have a tag for your name to add to your posts whenever you decide to enter any of the Challenges. The Kosh contest is finishing tonight in a few minutes so you won't have time to enter that one. But the Delenn contest just started, and there's still time to enter it if you'd like :) We hope you give it a try, we'd love to see what icons you come up with :) Again, welcome to the Station and we hope you enjoy your stay! :D
Tags: byewonderland, great tags post, maintainer post, member news, new members, ryuuzaki_megami, whitestar_alpha

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