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November 2011



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Sheridan Looking Up Lost Tales

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 47 - John & Delenn - Entries

01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

No fonts.


Very pretty coloring :) I especially like #3.
Thanks. These are very basic. The next time we have a j/d challenge I think I'll use caps with don't feature both characters.

PS I'm so glad you're using that icon (it's one of my favourites ever submitted here).
I was actually thinking doing the same thing you did and make some basic ones without all the textures I've been adding. I'd like to enter the J&D Challenge, but I'm a bit burned out. I may get one or two done tonight, or I may take a break too.

Thanks on the icon :) For some reason, my muse was very helpful with that one. Both Angelic Kosh Icons came together quite quickly. Most of the time though, icon making takes much effort from me :\
You make it look so effortless.

Thank you for all the tags you've been adding. I've been thinking of doing a tutorial about them since I recall that the LJ FAQ didn't help me to "get my head round" the concept of tags and we've only learned to use them because we've had to here. What do you think?
The tut sounds like a good idea. It seems most everyone is getting some part of the tags entered even if it's just their name. I'm not having that difficult a time retagging. But awareness of what the tags are for would also help people navigate to find icons they're interested in :)

Oh, just so you know. Some of my previous entries are minus icons. I want to eventually switch photohosts, so everything is being moved around and there may be little red x's where there used to be my icons :\
Your hosting has been playing up a little so this is a sensible move I think. Ironically, the tags will really help you update your old entries.

I'm glad that most people are managing the tags. I catch them when I see them, but need to put in the ones for characters more than I do.

Good luck in updating your posts. :)
Absolutely gorgeous colors! I really adore the simplicity of them-- letting the colors stand on their own rather than layering brushes/textures/etc. I especially love the colors on 01., .03, 04., 08., and 12. Very rich.
That's really kind of you, thank you.
I like these; they're mostly quite simple, but the colours are really gorgeous and they have a nice shape to them. I particularly like 12 and 15; the cropping on 15, especially, really works for me.
Thank you. :)