whitestar (whitestar) wrote in babylon5contest,

Great Tags Post and New Members Update

Please welcome two new crew members immora and novatrixs, to The Station :) To get you started, your names have been added to the Great Tags Post. This means that when you decide to enter one of the community's great Challenges, you'll be able to tag your icon post with your name for easy finding.

The John and Delenn Challenge is scheduled to close at 11:59pm tonight, Los Angeles time. So there's a little bit of time left to enter if you'd like. No pressure of course ;) But we're always happy to see new entrants and more Babylon 5 icons. Again welcome, enjoy your stay and Happy Iconing! :)
Tags: great tags post, immora, maintainer post, member news, new members, novatrixs, whitestar_alpha

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