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November 2011



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wychwood in babylon5contest

John and Delenn

My icon mojo has totally deserted me, but I was determined to make *something* after missing so many weeks. Just two:

Fonts: Century Schoolbook and Scriptina


Lovely to see you enter here and thank you for continuing to vote.

Great use of Scriptina there (very difficult font to use well that one IMO). Your black and white entry is also great. I tend to chicken out of b&w so I think you've been all round very brave and creative with these.
Thank you :)
Very agreed about the font-- lovely text work!

I'm curious, what method did you use to make the second black-and-white? I have a suggestion depending on what method. :)

(love-love-love your current icon, too!)
Thanks! I'm always wary of Scriptina, but sometimes it just seems right.

The b&w - I desaturated it, then duplicated on (bottom to top) soft light, screen, screen. Thoughts?

(And I love this icon too! It's one that whitestar made for the Kosh contest the other week.)
(oooOoo, didn't know who'd done it-- but it's so gorgeous!)

Anyway, on to the black and white! Technique that might give you more contrast control and such:

-- Use Channel Mixer! Two ways of getting to this. If you're using Photoshop, you can either go Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer (to work only with the selected layer) or you can go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Channel Mixer (applies as a new layer on top of all the layers beneath it -- which means you can then set blend modes and such if you like).

-- In Channel Mixer, checkmark "monochrome" to make it black and white. This should produce a more contrasty black and white than just desaturating.

-- After checking monochrome, you can then play with your red/green/blue sliders to further control the look. In general, you can lighten up skin by playing with the red/green sliders and then lowering the blue to keep the other areas darker. Play around to find what works for that particular icon.

-- If you created this as a new layer or as an adjustment layer, experiment with blend modes to get different effects. Sometimes using "lighten," for instance, will give you black and white with some splashes of color. Hard mode produces a heavily contrasted look with some muted coloring as well.

I've gotten to where I almost always use a channel mixer layer on blend to adjust my contrast and such, and I've used it to do some black and white icons before. So, I'm trying to spread the love! XD

Anyways, for that particular picture, using channel mode can help you get their skin brighter/less grey. Give it a whirl!
I really like that you tried the B/W icon also. Wish I knew how to make some good ones. I've been putting it off, since I don't have the nerve to try it yet :\

It makes me happy that you're enjoying the Kosh icon :D It's one of my favorite Bab5 icons I've ever made.
I like the way that black and white emphasises line and shadow; it can make a picture look so different. This one is a bit boring, but it's still a nice picture of them.

And yes! :) It's a gorgeous icon; I've been using it a lot.