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Week 47 - John & Delenn - Entries

Hello, everyone! Rushed these a bit because I got confused on the deadlines while I was looking through posts, so hopefully I'm within the extension time. When it comes to icon challenges, I usually putter around a bit tweaking and re-tweaking icons, making as many as allowed, so maybe the last-minute panic is good for me so I'm forced to settle on my designs. And, uh, to not make billions of icons and stick to what I've got ;) Anyway, nice to meet y'all!

Icon by Immora Icon by Immora Icon by Immora
01 02 03
Tags: delenn, immora, sheridan, week 47 - john and delenn

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    Fonts: Journal Olde English / Times New Roman Violation

  • Week 42 - Icons

    I hope to make more later. Fonts available... if needed.... and if I remember... :-) Comments and feedback always welcome.

  • week 41

    I'll give it a go this week... Font: Courier New Font: Dali & Chicago

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