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November 2011



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Harry P: Snape Map (princessbloomy)

whitestar in babylon5contest

Week 47 - John & Delenn

Here's one entry. Hope to get more done later :)

ETA: Some more icons. And thanks to byewonderland for the icon table idea :)

1 2 3 4 5

Font #4 - Antique Type; #5- Champignon


Awesome. The texturing really works.
Thank you :) So much for making a "simple" icon, lol. I can't seem to drag myself away from textures. Maybe it has to do with my love of fabric? :\

I should push myself outside my comfort zone. Maybe I will make some simple basic icons.
OoOoOoo, that's so pretty! Such a lovely aqua or jungle green or whatever you call that color, and nice little tiny-text-like texturing over it.
Thank you :) I love greens and blues. The tiny text is a brush.
Now you are the one with the very cool colouring! #2 is lovely!!!
Thank you :) I love the selective coloring that PS has, but I use PSP. So I do the best I can with gradients, fills, color balance and curves. My desktop computer shows a different coloring than the laptop. I hope most people see the desktop coloring because I like it more than what I see on the laptop. This time I'm trying to simplify my icons, just to see if I can do it. And it's soooooo hard making my brain see icons from a different creative angle :\
And it's soooooo hard making my brain see icons from a different creative angle
Oh yeah... sometimes I just have to stop (for a few) and just look at other styles. Unfortunately since I use the GIMP, curves are only on the roadway.
I think it's possible to do the same effects with color balance, contrast, and channel mixer. I mostly use curves when I'm lazy and being very picky on fixing the contrast. At least curves works best for me when changing the contrast.
May I snag a few of these once the contest is over? :) They are lovely.
Thank you :) All the icons I make here for the Challenges are snaggable, so feel free :)
I like your first one a lot; I've been trying to play around with the kind of texturing you do, but it never works for me! *g* And the tiny text works well there, I think. The second, too; I rather like the balance of it, and that bit of red on Delenn's shoulder works for me.
Thank you :) I'm glad you're enjoying the icons. What kind of program are you using? I use PSP. On the first icon, I used two regular textures and three light textures. I also use masking for the textures sometimes, unless I like the color effect.

Alot of the time it's just hit or miss on what I use. I first go for the crop, then get the blemishes off and skintone the color I want. Next I see what I want to eliminate out of the picture, which is usually the background. I keep trying textures until I hit on one that's close to the effect I want. Add some others if needed. In this batch of icons I was trying to use more of the glowy soft light so I added something I call gradient lights. Then fix whatever contrast and skintones that need to be fixed again because of the textures. I like tiny text and that's easy to do as the last step besides the borders.