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Challenge Update: Week 47 - John and Delenn

happyme has kindly extended the Week 47 - John and Delenn Challenge until Sunday June 17, 2007, 11:59pm Los Angeles time. That's 23:59 for those who prefer the 24-hour clock, also known as Military Time. Now that I think of it, didn't The Station run on a 24 hour schedule? Anyway here's hoping many of you are finished with finals, studies, or what have you, so we can see some of your great icons :) If you'd like to enter this Challenge the location of the caps is >>here<< . Don't worry if you only have time to submit one icon, we'd be very happy to see it. If you only want to make bases, that would be great too. Show your love for Babylon 5 by making one or gazillions of icons and sharing them with the other fans out there.

Happy Iconing! :D
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    Still wrestling with the caps but here's what I have so far Fonts: #3 = Old Black Sans, #4 = Problem Secretary Normal

  • Week 76 - Racing Mars

    fonts: none, comic sans, sans (ps. it pained me a bit to go for Honor rather than Honour but never mind)

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