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November 2011



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starofthemorn in babylon5contest

Week 48 - Galen - Entries

Eight under the cut. Text is on brushes, so I don't know what the fonts are, sorry!

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8


Whoa way cool! Excellant icons :D My favs are 1,2 and 4
#^_^# Thank you so much! I was experimenting with different textures and colours and brushes. :D
Do you use PSP or PS? It's so hard to find tuts for PSP :( Do you write tuts? I'd love to learn some new techniques :)
I use PSP 9. I always found PS really confusing! I've not written any tutes - yet, but I'd be happy to do so if there's anything you'd like to see how I made. I get a lot of ideas from PS tutes, though there's things that PS has that PSP doesn't and vice versa. I had to figure out an alternative way to get selective colouring to work, for instance, and depending on the image, I've got three different techniques for that which work really well. I've always loved the grungey look icons, so I read a lot of those PS tutes, then had a play with different filters and layers in PSP after getting an idea of what other people did. With PSP 9, there's that funky little 'apply filter' tool too, I spend ages playing with that, some of the effects that come out of it are really nifty!
That would be great if you could write some tuts! I like the grungy look too. I want to expand what I know besides bright fabric-like textures. I seem to have that down pretty well, lol.

Selective coloring is great and I wish I could get it. I just use color balance, and fills.

I don't think I've ever tried the apply filter.

Do you have a graphics journal? I might have to join :)
I'll try to get a tute up on the weekend, I think. :D This LJ is also my graphics LJ, so anything graphic related, I post here. :D
I liked these; the strong colours, and the way you've framed the caps themselves. My favourite is your #1; I really like the contrast of the monochrome and the lightning-type effect.
Thank you so much! ::blush::
I'd like to snag a few of your icons now that the contest is over if that's OK? Taking 1-4, thanks!
Certainly! And thank you. :D