whitestar (whitestar) wrote in babylon5contest,

Great Tags Post and New Members Update

Please welcome two new members of the Babylon 5 crew, lenija and galyndean :) I've assigned you your personal Crew Member ID tags. Whenever you feel ready to enter the community's Challenges, please identify your post with your name tag. There are other tags that go along with each icon post, but I'll make a new posting to talk about that later.

Currently the Week 47 - John and Delenn Challenge is in progress. If you'd like to enter this Challenge, the caps and Challenge information can be found >>here<< Of course you don't have to enter the Challenge, but we love seeing new icon styles :)

We're happy to have you join our crew here at babylon5contest. Happy Iconing! :D
Tags: galyndean, great tags post, lenija, maintainer post, member news, new members, week 47 - john and delenn, whitestar_alpha

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