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November 2011



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elsewherecw in babylon5contest

Week 47 (John and Delenn) Entries

1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7.

1. Font=Times New Roman; Quote=Rob Dougan (Furious Angels)
2. Font=EnglischeSchT; Quote=Indigo Girls (The Language or the Kiss)
3. Font=Linda's Lament; Quote=Kotoko (Dudiduwa*Lalala)
4. Font=Hannibal Lecter; Quote=Disturbed (Mistress)
5. Font=Times New Roman; Quote=Yellowcard (Only One)
6. Font=Times New Roman; Quote=Fray (How to Save a Life)
7. Font=Times New Roman; Quote=My Chemical Romance (This Is How I Disappear)


Very cool effect on #7. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.
Thank you. I hit upon it while I was experimenting with the background glaussian blur technique ruuger recommends in one of her tutorials. I liked the look of the blurred background, and when I decided what text I wanted to use, I decided that a moving icon that portrayed a sort of sense of loss could be interesting.

It's essentially the same technique as in this icon I'm using right now (except it worked better in the J&D one because I didn't have to optimize it as much for LJ ;P). I use ImageReady, but it can probably be done just as easily in AnimationShop as well. In Photoshop when I created the icon, I had the base, which was the entire image blurred, and then two layers above that, one of which is Delenn alone and one of which is John alone (both of them non-blurred and with everything else around them erased by means of a layer mask), and then the top layer is the text layer. Then I loaded the .psd file in IR, and in the animation window I created two new frames (so I ended up with three total). For the second frame in the sequence, in the layer palette I made the Delenn solo layer invisible, and for the third frame I made the John solo layer invisible. Then tween the three frames and loop them and it creates this interesting fade effect with the two figures exchanging places.

I like playing around with this kind of animation. :)
Great icons can just happen :) IR seems to do a lot more than AS, which is what I use. I like the icon you're using. Great idea :)
Thanks. The J&A/J&D one I came up with when I realized just how similar the poses were in those particular two publicity photos. O_o Figured it made for an interesting contrast. ;P

I personally find that the best icons seem to be the ones that do 'just happen'--whenever I try too hard I end up with total crap (as several icons in this batch can testify *LOL*).

IR seems to do a lot more than AS

Is that so? That's too bad. I've never been entirely sure how much difference there was in what you could do with Adobe vs. the Paintshop products. Tutorials always say "This should be easily transferrable to the other program", but it seems that's not really always the case. :/

I actually used to use AS, even though I've always used Photoshop rather than PSP, as much as that doesn't seem to make sense. I just found it easier to figure out, but once I learned IR's secrets I never went back. ^_~