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November 2011



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wychwood in babylon5contest

Week 48 - Galen

Font: Century Schoolbook


Holy Cow! these are freaking awesome! O.O So simple, yet so expressive. I love these! Amazing job :D

I already had in mind something similar to your #2 icon without the sidebar. Please don't think I'm copying it when you see it :)
Aw, shucks. *embarrassed*

(I'm a lot happier with these than the last set, though; my mojo is returning! A bit!)

And I look forward to seeing your take on #2! It's always interesting to see how a similar concept can create a very different end-product :)
I think your mojo is doing great :) It seems Galen is bringing out a lot of creative muses this time. I think mine wants to take a hiatus again. I only got her to cooperate on 5 icons for the J&D Challenge :\
Sometimes you just need a break? I didn't make any icons at all for a couple of months, where I was making two or three a week for ages before that. It's only been the last few days that I've really been getting the feel back.

And I found the J&D one quite hard; having to include both of them was quite limiting, in some ways, although there are some really nice entries (including some of yours! I always vote blind, and then go back to see who made them so I can comment, and somehow it's always your icons I've been looking at *g*).
Wow, for someone who makes a lot of really nice icons, those are some really nice icons.
Aww, thank you! I was pleased with these; I've been having trouble making anything I was happy with lately, but I felt more successful with this batch.
Well, since my hard drive died, I can't even make crappy icons at the moment, so you're certainly one up on me.