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Week 47 - John & Delenn - Voting Reminder

It's all very interesting at the moment. 

The 1st/Gold place appears to be clear; however, there's one vote away from the next places.
We're really going to need lots of votes in order to achieve a definitive result.

The Voting post is here.

It would also be lovely if more people to enter the Galen challenge (the caps post is here). 
Please remember that The Lost Tales will be out at the end of July so Galen icons might be in demand and you'd be depriving the Babylon 5 LJ community of icons in your style if you don't make any.
Just because 6 people (so far) have made lots of spiffy Galen icons does not mean to say that your aren't wanted so don't be put off and if you need any help then please contact me.

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