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November 2011



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Harry P: Snape Map (princessbloomy)

whitestar in babylon5contest

Week 48 - Galen Entries

Whew, made it!

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Note: #3, 4 and 5 are animated. If anyone is interested in the static versions of these. I have them for sharing.

Fonts: #2-Moderna; #4-Argor Man Scaqh

ETA: #3 pulses, and #5 lights pulse randomly. #4 the word "illusion" is spelled out in the lower right corner.

ETA #2: Yes, icon #3 doesn't contain Galen. I posted it as an offer to the community as a snaggable because I liked it, and if anyone wanted it. Not necessarily as a contest entry.



I'd love to see the animated versions of 3, 4, and 5 - don't those type of icons usually work on LJ? I think you uploaded the static ones.

Re: Animated?

These are the animated icons, it's very subtle :) #3 pulses, #4 the word "illusion" is spelled out very fainty letter by letter at the bottom right. And #5 the lights pulse randomly :) Some people don't like animated icons, so I try not to make the animation so obvious.

Re: Animated?

Nope, it doesn't include him in it. I posted it because I liked it and if anyone else wanted to snag it, not necessarily for the contest. It's just one more icon for the Bab 5 community :)

Unfortunately this also means that some of the other icons that were posted by others, would not be allowed as part of the challenge either. This of course is all up to how _happyme_ chooses to run this challenge.

Re: Animated?

I swear I don't see any animation. The URL for the photo as I see it in my LJ is:


does the "S" at the end stand for static?

Another (dumb) question - aren't the icons supposed to include Galen in the image somewhere?

Re: Animated?

The image is pulsing. It's from a darker blue to a brighter blue.

The "S" at the end stands for "small".

And yes, the images are supposed to have Galen in them, but I chose to make this icon because I liked the image and wanted to offer it to the community even though it doesn't contain Galen.
I like your first two a lot; the second one especially, with the colours and textures you have there.
Thank you :) I like #2 a lot also. On #1 I wanted to try and make the icon some other color than blue or green, lol. I also wanted to make the sky look spacey like Galen was on an alien world. So I'm happy with the way the sky came out :)