whitestar (whitestar) wrote in babylon5contest,

Voting Reminder: Week 48 - Galen

Hello Crew Members! I hope you're all having a good weekend :) I'd like to remind you that voting is still going on for Week 48 - Galen. It would be great if we could have some more votes. It'll help happyme conclude the Challenge when she's able to get back online, if she doesn't have to wait for more votes to come in. I'd appreciate it if you could go and take a look at the icons located >>here<< and choose the ones you like most. You don't have to have entered the Challenge to be able to vote. Voting is open to all members of the community. If you have entered the only rules are: that you don't vote for yourself, or have your friends join to vote for you.

Thanks for your attention, and all crew members may now resume their normal duties ;)
Tags: galen, maintainer post, voting reminder, week 48 - galen, whitestar_alpha

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