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November 2011



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B5: Garibaldi Was Here (polarisgraphics)

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Community Update - Moderated Posts

Could I please have your attention crew members.

I have placed all posts to this community temporarily on moderated status. This means that your post will not appear as soon as you post them. They will be put in a queue for approval. The reason that I'm doing this, is because of the release of the final book in the Harry Potter series which is due out in a few days. Yes I know, I know. This isn't an HP community. If you remember when HBP came out, trolls hit many communities with the spoilers even if the communities were unrelated to HP. There are probably some HP fans here, and I don't want them to have an unpleasant surprise at this community if they don't want to be spoiled. If they find out the ending, it won't be from here. I'll try to keep posts moderated for at least two weeks, more or less depending on if _happyme_ would like it changed. So please bear with me as I try my hand at moderating posts.

Thank you for your attention.


Thanks for that, I was just greeted by several such posts when I looked at my friends list this morning. (Here's hoping that it was just a troll posting bogus information, not a real leak!) I was going to take an absence from LJ from Friday on, but I didn't think they'd start this early. Idiots! *grumbles*
There are a lot of people that want to read the ending for themselves. And I hate what the trolls did for the last book. So it's the least I could do :)
I never got into HP, but it sounds like a plan to me.
Thanks :) Hopefully I can undo what I did, LOL! ;D
...Wow. The Pottermania really is taking over the world! *hides*
Yes, and they shall defeat Voldermort and the Shadows!
I appreciate it, thanks!
You're welcome :)