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November 2011



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Harry P: Snape Map (princessbloomy)

whitestar in babylon5contest

Great Tags Post and New Members Update

Please welcome two new Station residents, caelith and scifiman. Welcome! :)

To catch you up to speed, we currently have voting going on for the Week 38 - Galen Challenge. The Poll is located >>here<< Since you're now members of the community you can go and vote for your favorite icons.

The Week 39 - Morden and Shadows Challenge is also currently in progress. If you're interested in entering the Challenge, you still have time since it doesn't end until Saturday, 28th July at 11:59pm Los Angeles time. The post with the screencaps and instructions for the Challenge is >>here<< Currently there aren't many entrants, but this usually happens during the summer when everyone is busy or away on vacation. We hope you decide to give the Challenge a try :)

Finally, your names have been added to the Great Tags Post. The link to that post is located in the left-hand side bar. Whenever you decide you'd like to enter a Challenge, you can tag your post with your name. This will make it easier for people to find your icons, and helps _happyme_ when she sets up the voting poll for the Challenge.

Again welcome to the Community, and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Thank you for the lovely welcome (:

*Goes off to vote*
You're welcome! We love getting new members and having the community grow. And more votes for the Challenges are always welcomed :)
Was reluctant to say I'm back and then have the connection go again, but it's working and reliably so. My browser has even stopped crashing all the time. There was a problem with the exchange, but they checked our phone line at the same time and there was some corrosion and something was replaced.
I am very tired of late (work = stress), but, I do hope to get the Galen voting closed off and the banners posted by this weekend at the latest.
Thank you so very much for covering.
Glad to hear things are working again. That must have been so aggravating. You're welcome, and no problem on covering for you :) I'm a bit rusty with being a mod, and I can be rather abrupt at times especially when I haven't slept well so I hope I did OK. I'm not sure how I should go about changing who approves of posts since the community is still on moderated status. I can take the moderation off this weekend if you'd like. Or I can continue to cover for a bit longer while you take a break. I won't be able to pay as much attention starting the first weekend in August though.