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November 2011



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starofthemorn in babylon5contest

Week 49 - Morden and the Shadows.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Fonts: 1. Georgia, 2. Jane Austen, 4 and 6. Century Gothic.

[Edited to add: Originals of 1, 2 and 4 are:]

1. 2. 4.


Hi Star, I really like these icons, very nice coloring and variety of styles. I should probably give you a heads-up though, that some might not be accepted into the contest. I believe the Challenge was to include "Morden with either a Shadow or a Shadow Vessel". Maybe I can't figure them out, but it doesn't look like 1,2 or 4 have those combinations. If you don't mind if they're not included in the Challenge, that's cool. It still allows us to enjoy your great icons here :) But if you'd like to change them, you still have over 10 hours until the end of the contest. As a suggestion you might want to show both variations with and without the changes, because like I said these are great :)
Duh! Sorry I said 10 hours. I didn't want to scare you. You have until Saturday to change them if you'd like. I slept poorly, and it's coming through all my posts.
I did have a bit of a shock there! I was sleeping at the time - damn timezones. :) Anyhoo, I did as you suggested and redid those ones and put the originals in as an ETA for comparison. That'll teach me to do icons when I'm not completely awake. *facepalm*
Sorry about that "surprise". I was commenting to posts after a poor night's sleep :\

The fixes look great! I like the Shadow ship in the corner of #4. It fills the space in well :) Thanks for leaving the originals up. It gives us more icons to enjoy, and that's good yay! :D
The colouring and style of number 3 is wonderful. Very raw and gritty (:
Thank you so much! :D