Curtana (curtana) wrote in babylon5contest,

Week 50: Ivanova

Just three to start with - more later... I'll list fonts when they're all done. :) ETA: finished!

Fonts: 1. Windsong, 2. Marketing Script, 3. Fountain Pen Frenzy, 4. Black Jack, 5. a rather distorted Enge Holzschrift, 7. Viper Nora, 8. Franklin Gothic Book, 9. Stamped DSG, 10. VTKS Refused
Tags: iconsbycurtana, ivanova, week 50 - susan ivanova

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    Fonts: Journal Olde English / Times New Roman Violation

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    I hope to make more later. Fonts available... if needed.... and if I remember... :-) Comments and feedback always welcome.

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    I'll give it a go this week... Font: Courier New Font: Dali & Chicago

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