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Great Tags Post and New Members Update

Attention crew members! I'd like you to please welcome tweets and vitonchik to the Station. We're glad to have you join our group :)

I've made tags for your names. Please use them when you decide you'd like to enter one of the many great Challenges we have here. The tags also help anyone who'd like to find the icons that you've made. The Susan Ivanova Challenge has just closed, so you'll need to wait until the next one comes around in order to enter. However since you are now added to the Great Tags Post, you can vote in the polls for your favorite icons :) happyme is in charge of the Polls.

You'll find the Great Tags Post link located in the sidebar. From that post you can find all the previous Challenges, Polls, Awards and other community members icons.

That's all for now on your orientation ;) Feel free to ask either happyme or myself any questions that you may have. Again welcome to the Station and Happy Iconing!
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