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Great Tags Post and New Members Update

We have three new crew members to welcome to the Station this week. Please say hello to angelachristian, inelgerdis and taj_mahal07 :) For the new members here's some helpful information. Your names have been added to the Great Tags Post. That post contains the links to all the Challenges, Icons, Member Names, and Awards. The link for the Great Tags Post is located in the sidebar. You can also now enter any of the Challenges that are going on, and can vote for your favorite icons in the Challenge Voting Polls. When you decide you'd like to enter one of the great Challenges we have, please tag your post with your name, and the Week/Subject of the Challenge.

For all the current Station crew members, the Women of Babylon 5 Challenge is still in progress. The screencaps and information for it are located >here< . The Voting Poll for the Susan Ivanova Challenge is located >here< . If you haven't already voted, please head on over to the Poll so you can get your choices counted :)

We'd like to see more entries for the Women of Babylon 5 Challenge and hope more of you can submit some icons if you have free time this weekend. So everyone have a great weekend, and Happy Iconing! :D
Tags: angelachristian, challenge reminder, inelgerdis, ivanova, maintainer post, member news, taj_mahal07, voting reminder, week 50 - susan ivanova, week 51 - women of babylon 5, whitestar_alpha

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