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Challenge Update - Women of Babylon 5

Attention crew members! If you haven't had time to create any icons for the Women of Babylon 5 Challenge, you'll be happy to know that the Challenge has been extended until Wednesday, 3 October 11:59 pm, Los Angeles time. The screencaps are located >here< for those of you that would still like to enter.

I'd like to mention that we've been seeing some really impressive icons with this Challenge. I know it's very difficult to work with more than one figure in an icon. The icons that you've all turned out are fantastic ^_^ Some do it with coloring, others with their clever quotes, and still others with textures or blending techniques. I want to say and I'm sure happyme will agree, that all of you are doing a great job! We'd love to see more icons for this Challenge if you all have time this weekend, or feel inspired to share more of your great iconing skills.

Long live Babylon 5, and Happy Iconing! ^_^
Tags: challenge update, maintainer post, week 51 - women of babylon 5, whitestar_alpha
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