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November 2011



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Ivanova Party

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 50 - Susan Ivanova - Results/Banners

Gold Award - hsapiens

Silver Award - hsapiens

Bronze Award - curtana

Copper Award - whitestar

Tin Award - starofthemorn

Jumpgate Award - hsapiens

Mod's Choice Award - beam_oflight


Thanks for the Mod's choice :)
You're very welcome. I thought that to be a very imaginative idea, well executed.
Thank you for entering. :)
Thank you! Congratulations to everyone!
Well done on yet more fab icons. :)
Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you very much for the lovely banner! I always appreciate the way you make them match the icons, it's a really nice touch :)
You're very welcome. Great job on the icon, especially the text (me thinks there are some subtle effects which really make it stand out).
Whoa! Thank you. The banners are *stunning* and I really, really like mine! I have just noticed that I forgot to include my fonts; I apologize for making your job more difficult. I am blown away by the banners and very appreciative. I've snagged them to add to my scrapbook gallery.

I'm surprised and gratified. Congrats to fellow winners and to everyone who participated. It was nearly impossible to choose amongst so many pretty icons.
Well done, very cool entries.
As the Gold Awardee, you get the choice of subject matter for Week 56.
Thank you. :) Now I'm worried about coming up with a theme. Thankfully, I have a goodly amount of time. Do I also need to find caps?
Is excited.

I sort out the caps and their hosting for you, all part of the service.

Your choice can be from any of the Babylon5verse series and movies.
Thank you for the lovely banner _happyme_! :) Congrats to all the other winners and everyone who participated in the Challenge. It was really difficult to choose my favorite icons.
I could not keep this community running without your help and encouragement. Thank you whitestar. :)
You're most welcome, I'm glad to be of help :) *hugs*
Congratulations, everyone! That was a fantastic week-- SO many good icons, so hard to narrow down and vote for just a few! I'm ridiculously thrilled that the *THUD* icon won Gold because I loved it and it was so memorable. Humor and pretty and all the place-- awesome icons, y'all!
It was a tough vote.

Well done on your entries. I especially like 1, 4 and 5.
I ended up making a folder, saving a ton of icons into it, and then gut-deciding on a voting order. I know we aren't really supposed to take the icon makers into account, but I tried to get five different makers represented because there were so many great ones!

Eeep, thank you! ♥
*blush* Thank you!

I don't normally comment directly on anyone's icons because I don't wish to be perceived as implying that any winning icons were unworthy of the honor but I want to take a moment to express my dismay that none of your icons made it to this post. The icons here are all excellent and I think they're brilliant - I, too, voted for them - but I did expect that at least one of yours would be honored. I love your image clarity and your coloring is unique.
You're welcome!

I don't want to imply that, either! I just wanted to comment on yours specifically because it makes me smile every time :D And, meep! ♥ I'm thrilled that I did get some votes with all the icons to choose from! And thank you, I love color :)
I didn't take you to mean that. I have a personal rule in commenting on posts announcing winners to never express an opinion on the outcome because it's too easy to misconstrue disappointment over a missing icon as meaning the "wrong" winners were chosen. I was breaking a personal rule because I felt safe in avoiding offense as I was the recipient of the voting largess.

Color is a glorious thing and I share your love of it.
I didn't think you did, but for non-you-or-me readers, wanted to point that out. I guess there's some care needed in expressing "aww, X icon didn't win-- but you're all awesome and deserve it!" I don't think wanting someone to win necessarily implies thinking someone else shouldn't have won to make it possible-- just that it'd be awesome if fifty million icons could have won.

Additionally: Starbuck! ♥