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Great Tags Post and New Members Update

Wow, the crew roster has been growing by leaps and bounds lately! Please welcome aboard three new crew members icecream_junkie, lil_red_witch, and luadoinverno.

For the new crew members, I've created tags for all three of your names which are now part of The Great Tags Post. When you decide you'd like to enter any of our Challenges, please tag your post with your name and the Week/Subjects of the contest. The Great Tags Post link location, is in the side bar. From that post, you'll be able to find all the past and current Challenges, Icons by Subject, Awards and the Members Roster. You're also now able to vote for any of the future Challenge Icon Polls when they come up.

The current Challenge Women of Babylon 5 is open until Wednesday, 3 October 11:59 pm, Los Angeles time. The screencaps are located >here< for those of you that would like to enter.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask either happyme or myself for any help. Enjoy your stay here with us at the Station, and Happy Iconing! :)
Tags: challenge reminder, icecream_junkie, lil_red_witch, luadoinverno, maintainer post, member news, week 51 - women of babylon 5, whitestar_alpha
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