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November 2011



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Wonder Wonderfalls

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 51 - Women of Babylon 5 - Results/Banners

Gold Award - immora

Silver Award - hsapiens

Bronze Award - flarn_chef

Copper Award - curtana

Tin Award - hsapiens

Mod's Choice Award - immora

Jumpgate Award - _dropdeadred

Thank and Congrats to all.  The choice of subject matter for Week 57 goes to immora.



None of my choices made the cut.....
Still, congratulations to the winners.
Congrats to the winners!
Thank you very much, and congratulations to all the other winners :)
Why are you Uncomfortable (your mood)? I had picked 3 of these myself, although I don't remember what order, and another one of my favs that I might not have voted for, so I'm perfectly happy with the overall winners.
I'm literally uncomfortable. Have had a bad cold. The initial symptoms took a fortnight to fight off and for the past fortnight since I've been really achy with muscle cramps, inflamed tissues, bit of a temperature, feeling the cold etc.

I'd never cope with being really ill.

I think I picked 2 or 3. The entries were fab'.
Sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon!
I'm really starting to feel better - keeping warm helps.
Thanky. :)
Um! True confessions!

I kind of screamed when I saw this and it scared my dog. And then I saw I'd gotten mod's choice and I screamed again.

Thank you so much, and the banners are gorgeous! Screams for the other winners, too, though extra screams from me for curtana's Copper and hsapiens's Tin because I'd also voted for those icons. Eeee!

How do I pass along a thought about subject matter? Does someone else locate the caps or do I?
You can post to _happyme_ in this award post, or look at the side bar and click on the link that says "Forthcoming". It will have a list of the winners and who chooses a subject for what week. You can also respond at the Forthcoming post what subject you want chosen.

_happyme_ finds the screencaps. You need to let her know what subject or episode, and the requirements/restrictions for your contest.
Arrrgh why did it take me a week to reply to this. Oh, right, I kept getting distracted with watching a-disc-a-night of B5. ;)

Thank you! I think I've figured out my subject, so now I know where I can do that, yaaay.
CONGRATS! *throws confetti* I had an impossible time choosing between two of your icons for "first." I voted for them as my first and second choices because they're wonderful. Your winning icon was one of them (and Ivanova/Talia in the bar was the other), though I can't remember which came out first and which second on my ballot.

It was really impossible to choose, honestly, because there were so many that I liked for non-comparative reasons.
*squees and tries to eat confetti, then realizes she shouldn't have, creating a delay in replying. Yeah, that's it*

Eeee, thank you so much! I had a ton of fun with this challenge, and I decided to have silly fun on the bar icon :)

Yeah, for me, it wasn't comparative either. I had so many icons that I REALLY LIKED for different reasons, so it was so hard to narrow down which to actually vote for. I'll leave you my choice on the "forthcoming" post :)
Thank you! Most every contest I enter, I don't actually care about winning. It's the fun of participating. This one, though? I really want to place because I want one of the pretty banners. :) I've snagged mine right up and love them. Thank you!

I totally loved so many of these icons and I'm happy to see lots of pretties in this post.
_happyme_ makes some of the best banners I've ever seen :)

I agree, this contest was very impressive with the number of icons, and the great variety of icon designs. I'm very proud of all the members that participate in the contests ^_^
OMG... Thanks & congrats to all!