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November 2011



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Magic Tech Girl

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Maintainer Post

The Forthcoming Challenges are, so far, as follows:

The Gold Awardee of Week 72 - Delenn and Partner - gets the choice of subject matter for Week 78
hsapiens - ambassadorial attaches: Vir, Na'toth, Lennier, and Lyta

The Gold Awardee of Week 73 - Battle Face - gets the choice of subject matter for Week 79
flarn_chef - "*Sacrifice*" so many characters sacrificed one thing or another....
G'Kar's eye
Delenn's Minbari existence for Humanity
Sinclair's human existence for ... the good of all living things...
Lyta's humanity for ... Byron (blech)
Londo's freedom or spirit
Marcus' life
Sheridan's life
Neroon's life

The Gold Awardee of Week 74 - Black, White and Colour Splash - gets the choice of subject matter for Week 80
cosmob - The League of non-aligned worlds

The Gold Awardee of Week 75 - Quote Icons - gets the choice of subject matter for Week 81
loulila - (5.13) "The Corps is mother, the corps is father"

The Gold Awardee of Week 76 - Racing Mars - gets the choice of subject matter for Week 82
hsapiens - Severed Dreams

Week 77 N/A - not enough entries.

The Gold Awardee of Week 78 - Attachés - gets the choice of subject matter for Week 83
hsapiens - ?


Happyme, my choice for Week 54 are the White Stars. Thanks! :)
I can't help it, I loves me some Ivanova, so... yet another but slightly different Ivanova challenge! (I can come up with a different non-Ivanova idea if it's overkill. Already been one since I started here and looks like there were a couple others before me.)

My challenge prompt is "Unrequited"-- featuring Ivanova and those she has loved and lost. She told Franklin after Marcus's sacrifice, "All love is unrequited, Stephen, all of it." This challenge could possibly include her parents, brother, Malcolm Biggs, Talia, and Marcus.

1. All icons must feature both Ivanova and at least one of her former loved ones.
2. You may combine caps to meet this requirement (may be necessary with some characters like her father) or for composition preferences.
I'm totally with you about the Ivanova love and think that this is an excellent Challenge which still affords members a lot of flexibility. :)
Hm... I think I'd like to have a G'Kar challenge. I can't remember there being one since I started participating here, at any rate. How long has it been? :)
It's certainly been a while since we've has a G'Kar Challenge. Excellent.
Before I forget, I'll put in my choice for Week 61 :) I'd like to have a telepaths challenge. Or, if it needs to be more specific, maybe just PsiCorps (I loves me some Bester ;)
Before I forget, I'll pick a topic for Week 63 :) How about a Centauri court-themed challenge? Any scenes from the palace on Centauri Prime would be great.
You are a treasure. Thank you for letting me know (I'm on leave this week so will get a screencappin'). Cheers, :)
For Week 64, I'd like to do a Smiles challenge - caps of characters smiling - to counterbalance 'Despair' :)
Your wish, my command.

Thank you :)
Before I forget, I'll suggest a Vir challenge for Week 67. <3 Vir!
For week 69, I'll choose the Grey Council. I love the dramatic lighting in those scenes :)
Yay. There are so many different ways to go with these. This'll be fun for all. Thank you for letting me know so quickly. :)
Heh, no problem - if I don't do it as soon as I see it, I know I'll probably forget ;)

Hello wonderful you. :)

Given that you got the Gold for Week 64, you also get the choice of subject matter for Week 70.

Re: Hello wonderful you. :)

Hm, how about The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari (Season 4) :)

Re: Hello wonderful you. :)

Your wish, my command. :)
First idea:
"Black & White Color Splash"
Icons must be black & white with a only splash of color.

Different techniques of adding color highlights to black & white icons include text, pre-made colorful textures or light textures, brushes, or the photo editing "trick" choosing one color to keep out of the image you've turned black & white.

Here's a list of examples/tutorials for inspiration (towards the bottom of this post are relevant examples of the techniques I mentioned above):


If that doesn't sound right for the comm, then my second choice is the episode "Z'ha'dum."


The black and white with a splash of color challenge is a great idea.

I admit that Zha'dum is also very tempting. Here's hoping that you get another Gold Award soon.

Many thanks for the tutorials link. :)
Thank you, I hope lots of people enter "my" round! You're welcome for the link.
Have we had a challenge focusing on the ambassadorial attaches: Vir, Na'toth, Lennier, and Lyta? If not, I would love to have a challenge that focuses on the unsung worker-bees of politics. If we have had that one already, I'd be happy to choose an episode. :)