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November 2011



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C&H -- Run For Joy

hsapiens in babylon5contest

Week 56 - Humor

A couple of these I might "trade out" if I can make better/funnier icons from the caps and I'm hoping to add some more. I've had a deficit of icon-mojo for eons so it's a pleasure to be back in time for the theme I chose. These are all "humor," for widely varying definitions of "humor." ;-)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

2. Georgia & Pea Girly Girls Print 3. Acoustic Light 4. Oklahoma 5. Pea Missy Cursive 7. Pea Olson 8. Pea Amy*Rica Script 10. Acoustic Light 11. Georgia 12. Advert


Those are great! I especially like 1 and 3, and 6 - though maybe not as hilarious - is just beautifully done. Nice work! :)
Thank you. :)

The humor content most definitely varies. Some caps defied my "funny" ability so I had to rely on the cognitive dissonance of placing the character in an icon where his surroundings are so *not* what he'd choose.
OMG - these are great! They're so clear, too. Number one is a new take on that picture of Susan and I like it a lot. Number 8 is really nice (I'm snagging it) and #9 just makes me giggle! Whatever made you think of that?
Thank you! Artistic vision and execution isn't my forte so I have to rely on clarity.

What made me think of #9? I'm not sure you really want the long version but have you ever seen some of those lovely icons people make that combine a character and a flower in a pretty, artistic way? I've been wanting to try my hand at it for awhile but everything I've made is, well, dreadful.

Looking at the cap of Sinclair smiling stumped me for "funny." It's a nice cap, a pretty smile. I couldn't think of anything funny to add to it. The color wasn't anything special and I thought, "Hey, those flower icons I can't make! Rather than being an artistic failure it could be on purpose and funny." Not very deep, I fear.
I've stolen #1. Great stuff. Many thanks.
Yay! Thank you! :)