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Week 6, is it?

I wasn't able to participate last week, which is fine, since the entries were so fraggin' awesome. This week, I've had some free time, so here I am.

Ivanova scores!*

Text says, "Expanding Russian frontier with very nice borders," from an exchange between Ivanova and Franklin in "A Distant Star."

*Very lame reference to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where one of the Bulgarian chasers is named Ivanova, who happens to be the first to score for Bulgaria. Just sayin'.

Hello muddah, hello faddah....

I thought "The Brady Bunch" was appropriate for the theme, what with the Psi Corps pin in both Mr. and Mrs. Brady's positions. *g8

Credits: gradients by crumblingwalls; brushes by miggy and Scully7491@DeviantArt.

These are completely shareable; please feel free to comment, too. Me likey the comments.
Tags: cosmob, week 06a - ivanova, week 06b - the corps

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