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Week 69 - Grey Council - Voting Reminder

Just a reminder that the poll is still open for Week 69 - Grey Council here.

The latest challenge is Week 70 - (The Very) Long Night of Londo Mollari. The caps are here.

The Babylon 5 Love Month is active over at babylon5_love and there are few days left, including September 13th.

There have been no new posts to iconsharingnet since 1st July 2009. Yikes. It would be lovely to see some new ones, or perhaps a consolidation of some of your entries at babylon5contest. Caps can be found here if you want to make some new icons.

Finally, please don't forget to leave a comment over at the latest edition of universe_today to let ruuger know where to link to any new Babylon 5 related goodies you've created.

Babylon 5 Fandom Lives.
Please share the awesomeness.
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