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Week 74 - Black, White, and Stuff, Part 2

Okay, so I had a couple more ideas of icons, and I had stuff I was supposed to do, so naturally, I put off doing what I should have been doing and instead made a few more icons. :D I... think I need help, 'cause this is seriously the biggest "set" of icons I've ever done, except for my ABCs of Quidditch set. But, you know, it's flexing that icon-making muscle and all that, and that can't be bad, so... I'll just shut up now.

Again, caps are all from here (with, I think, a small stock image from Stock.Xchang), and I'm too lazy to pull up all the font names, but I can if they're needed and/or wanted. Um... yeah. Onto the icons!

Okay, that's quite enough from me, I think. Cheers!
Tags: cosmob, delenn, landscapes, londo, sheridan, week 74 - black white and splash

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