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Week 75 - Quote Icons

This Week's challenge was chosen by, well, me.

I got a Gold Award for Week 69 - Grey Council.

The subject is Quote Icons.

Examples of what I mean are available at curtana's excellent post here.

There are some truly magnificent quotes in the Babylon 5 Universe.

Symbols from fonts are allowed, but no screencaps.

A few quotes can be accessed via the page linked to here, however, there are many other to choose from.  Everything from "faith manages" to G'Kar's speeches may be used.

Animation is permitted, provided that the icons comply with livejournal's filesize limits.

This challenge is open until Wednesday 13 January 2010 until 11:59 pm in Los Angeles.

Week 74 - Black, White and Colour Splash is now open until Wednesday 13 January (details here).

The poll for Week 73 - Battle Face is also open until Wednesday 13 January here. We've not had a great number of votes as yet.

I'll be visiting my Grandma and sans computer until at least 27 December.

Happy Holidays!
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