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Week 75 - Quote Icons - Voting Reminder

Just to remind you that voting is still open for Week 74 - Black, White and Splash here and for Week 75 - Quote Icons.

In addition, I made the initial posts in the greatest of haste. This led to an error in that icon #1 featured the incorrect image for Week 75.

If you would like to change your votes, please do so.

The voting entry is here.

You can edit your vote by following the link here.
Tags: voting reminder, week 74 - black white and splash, week 75 - quote icons

  • Week 74 Entries

    I realised as I was saving these that some used saturation more than splash for colour, let me know if they are ok!

  • Week 74: Color Splash

  • Week 70

    Fonts in #3 are Pea Lacy and a silly font I made mysefl :D

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