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Week 6 - Results

Sorry for not getting these posted earlier. I've been so tired this week. I even went to bed at 7 yesterday evening because I just couldn't stay awake.

Week 6 Ivanova Gold Winner amergina
Gold Award amergina

Week 6 Ivanova Silver Award deadspeaker
Silver Award misshallelujah

Week 6 Ivanova Bronze Award muffinmonster
Bronze Award muffinmonster

Week 6 Ivanova Mod's Choice Winner fifmeister
Mod's Choice Award fifmeister

The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father
Week 6 The Corps Gold Award deadspeaker
Gold Award misshallelujah

Week 6 The Corps Silver Award muffinmonster
Silver Award muffinmonster

Week 6 The Corps Bromze Award TIE aerynalexander
Bronze Award TIE aerynalexander

Week 6 The Corps Bromze Award TIE cosmob
Bronze Award TIE cosmob

Week 6 The Corps Mod's Choice Winner flarn_chef
Mod's Choice Award flarn_chef

A service announcement brought to you by your mod'
I've a request for future weeks. Should your icon be smaller than 100x100 then please state the sizes (no need to otherwise do so). I've not asked before 'cause I thought it was a bit mean. However, I specify the sizes of the icons when I post (to prevent them pushing down the page when they load) and - because I just type 100 x 100 - I squiffed up one of the entries this week. If I know the icons is smaller than the norm', I'll make a note in the text file I keep for all your lovely icons' links.

amergina and misshallelujah, congratulations ladies (hugs you). I need your Week 8 caps requests as I'll try and get them done this weekend.

Lots of love

Tags: ivanova, psi corps, results, week 06a - ivanova, week 06b - the corps

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