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Any more icons for Week 7?

I want to post the Poll for Week 7 on Friday (today).

Please let me know if you have yet to submit your icon(s).

From now on - as suggested to me by thetoofster - votes are to be weighted. I've managed to come up with a spreadsheet to perform the calculations. (I'm a bit rusty in using Excel for anything other than a database (and I'm no rocket scientist) so it took me a while.)

It should prove even easier/quicker for me than using a table in Word and opens up the possibility of creating charts.

(BTW, if you're wondering why I'm awake, I had a nap in the evening and don't work today (Friday) as it is a holiday here in the UK.)

Tags: challenge reminder, maintainer post, week 07a - technomages, week 07b - cartagia

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