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Week 7 - Results

Excellent entries this week. I think that it must have been a tough job to decide - thank you for voting.

WK7 Cartagia Gold thetoofster
Gold Award - thetoofster

WK7 Cartagia Silver amergina
Silver Award - amergina

WK7 Cartagia Bronze crazybee
Bronze Award - crazybee

WK7 Cartagia Mod's ___thundara_
Mod'a Award - himawari (Edit - now know as astrophilia)

WK7 Technomages Gold muffinmonster
Gold Award muffinmonster

WK7 Technomages Silver ruuger
Silver Award ruuger

WK7 Technomages Bronze amergina
Bronze Award amergina

WK7 Technomages Mod's cosmob
Mod's Award cosmob

Congratulations to all of you. Thank you to everyone who entered.

thetoofster and muffinmonster, hello, you get to choose the subject matter and number of caps for Week 9
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