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Is anybody else going to enter this week?

Everyone has been so efficient this week. The existing entries have been posted much sooner than I'd have anticipated.

Please reply and tell me if you do still want to enter (but need more time).

If not, I'll close things early for voting.

I've had another idea as well, each category winner gets the choice for an entry the week after next. The winner can nominate somebody else to choose if they wish. You can name character(s) and even specify episodes/topics. I don't mind.

I'm going to continue to supply the caps (no need to worry on that count).

I'm limited to The Gathering, Babylon 5 seasons 1-5 and In The Beginning. (No Crusade or the other movies in the UK just yet.)

If you win anything with an animated entry (to which compression has been applied) and want an animated banner, you may wish to e-mail me with an uncompressed copy or the stills with your compression settings. I can extrapolate the timings from AS.

If I don't hear from anyone regarding new entries, I'm going to close for voting on Saturday 5 February at 6 pm GMT.

Tags: challenge reminder, maintainer post, week 01 - in the beginning

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