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Just in case...

...I don't have time to finish both icons for the week, here's my Garibaldi one. If I can finish the other one, I'll edit this post. If not, well, I won't. :)

I'm too tired for a witty remark here.

The text in the panels (which you should be able to read, but I'll tell you anyway) says, "I'd rather have my tonsils taken out through my ears" (Mr. Garibaldi to a reporter in "Infection"), "Sadly, for Mr. Garibaldi, the day wasn't over" and "Uh-oh" (both from me, just 'cause).

I used crumblingwalls's gradients (yes, Virginia, there are gradients there). Mmm... gradients....

Anyway, that was a fun challenge. Neat.

ETA: Well, since happyme was kind enough to point out that I still had time to do the other icon, I did. So, here it is.

So many caps, so little time.

Text reads, "Captivate me by your resonating light," from Evanescence's song, "My Immortal."

Same source for the gradients (because crumblingwalls makes spiffy gradients, y'all), border overlay action from, and brushes by ... I don't know--I've got them saved as jess... man, I wish I had bookmarked where I got those brushes. Bah.

I'm surprised I managed to get that done. Go me. *g*
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