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Week 8 - Results

Garibaldi Gold cosmob
Gold Award cosmob

Garibaldi Silver  muffinmonster
Silver Award muffinmonster

Garibaldi Bronze amergina
Bronze Award amergina

Garibaldi Mod's beeej
Mod's Award beeej

Moments of Transition
Moments Gold thetoofster
Gold Award thetoofster

Moments Silver muffinmonster
Silver Award muffinmonster

Moments Bronze beeej
Bronze Award beeej

Moments Mod's ___thundara_
Mod's Award himawari

cosmob and thetoofster, congratulations, you get to choose the challenges for Week 10. Please let me know as to the subject matter/number of caps/other restrictions you want.

BTW, if any of you'd like to make the banners/some of the banners, please comment. If not, I'll make 'em. They are really fun to do and very special and if you want to make them then I don't want to stop you.

We also have a brand new member - spericki. I know that you'll give a warm welcome to him/her and our other new members. You folks make for such a lovely community.
Tags: garibaldi, maintainer post, results, week 08a - garibaldi, week 08b - moments of transition

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