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Week 9

Wow, we're already on week 9. Go us! Especially happyme for being our captain. Whoo!

Now, onto the icons.

Lennier, Minbari Ranger

Okay, I used three fonts here--three, count 'em!--none of which I used before. Of course, I literally have over 3500 fonts saved (though not all installed), so trying to go through them to pick neat ones I hadn't used before, a bit of a chore. But a nice one. Anyway, the fonts are Harting Plain, Fountain Pen Frenzy and Depressionist Three. I have no idea where I got them, but, well, I have them. The text, for the record, says, "Betrayal of his kind," which (in my head) is a very small Harry Potter reference. What can I say? I've been doing a lot of HP trivia this week. *g*

Everyone's favorite assasin

I went with the hush icon. Actually, I didn't, but I forgot to use two caps, and what I did really only had room for the one cap. So, in place of the origial text (which is also available), I used some brushes. There's a moon over Vir's face, and a flare thingy over Cartagia's chest. It's not perfect, but it works.

Once again, gradients by crumblingwalls and general brushes by Evenstar Art and my sadly uncredited source.

I guess that's about it for this week. Enjoy!
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