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Week 10 entries

This was a good set of challenges this week. I liked them. So, without further ado... entries.


The text says, "No luck at all" and "If it wasn't for bad luck, you know I wouldn't have" in the tiny stuff, from the song, "Born Under a Bad Sign." Because I'm classy and all, the voice I hear in my head for that is Homer Simpson's. *g*

Sleeping in Light

On here, I used both Scriptina (well, the alternates of it, and it's just an accent, but still) and lyrics from the song (which is so pretty). The text says, "Sorrow has a human heart." So, so sad.

Gradients by crumblingwalls; brushes by miggy and Evenstar Art. Feel free to snag with credit.
Tags: cosmob, week 10a - sinclair, week 10b - sleeping light (s and d)

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