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Week 1 - In The Beginning - Results

Wow, we had a lot of votes in a very short space of time. You're an enthusiatic community. Yay.

Thank you to everyone who entered last week. I truly didn't expect such a response. The entries were wonderful.

So many submissions means that a lot of great icons missed out on awards. I say to anyone who didn't get a banner, please enter in Week 2 - your talent merits it.

Week 1 Delenn Gold grant_illusions
Delenn Gold Award grant_illusions

Week 1 Delenn Silver asherific
Delenn Silver Award asherific

Week 1 Delenn Bronze fifimeister
Delenn Bronze Award fifimeister

Week 1 Delenn Mod's Choice the toofster
Delenn Mod's Award thetoofster

Week 1 Londo Gold delenn_xi
Londo Gold Award delenn_xi

Week 1 Londo Silver grant_illusions
Londo Silver Award grant_illusions

Week 1 Londo Bronze muffinmonster
Londo Bronze Award muffinmonster

Week 1 Londo Mod's Award cosmob
Londo Mod's Award cosmob


delenn_xi and grant_illusions each get to choose a challenge for Week 3. You have the choice of themes, character(s), episodes, even scenes. I've all 5 seasons of Babylon 5, The Gathering and In The Beginning. Take your pick from them.

Good Luck to everyone for Week 2, the caps are available here.
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