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Man, I'm such a goofball.

I've been doing almost all of my contest iconning tonight, saving the best for last (i.e., this lovely contest), but I think my brain's gone funny or something. I'd explain it all, but you'll see soon enough. But, at least I'm amused at the moment, so that's something, eh?

Anyway, the icons.


Text says, "Special" in Paddington Small Caps (how I love that font), the "special" being a pseudo-reference... in my head, anyway... to "Lost" and, specifically, Walt the creepy kid who does stuff with his mind. Can you tell my brain's funny yet?

What's that blue thing doing here?

The text (in Adobe Garamond) is taken from a song called "Spider" by They Might Be Giants (the only TMBG album I have, actually, is the one with this song; but I digress). It's very silly, and totally not what I was going to do originally, but the thought amused me, so I did it. I don't know if the rest of you all are amused, but I sure am. So, um, yeah.

This week, the gradients and brushes I used both came from the lovely crumblingwalls. *tries to thing of anything else* Nope, I got nuthin'. 'Cept to say that this is a fun song. As is the one I used in my icon. Yep. That's about it.
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