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Week 10 - Results

I could do with some help on the banners if anyone is interested.

Sinclair Gold ruuger
Gold Award - ruuger

Sinclair Silver flarn_chef
Silver Award - flarn_chef

Sinclair Bronze muffinmonster
Bronze Award - muffinmonster

Sinclair Mod's ___thundara_
Mod's Award - himawari

Sleeping In Light
SiL Gold delenn_xi
Gold Award - delenn_xi

SiL Silver thetoofster
Silver Award - thetoofster

SiL Bronze TIE ___thundara_
Bronze Award TIE - himawari

SiL Bronze TIE greenzowie
Bronze Award TIE - greenzowie

SiL Mod's ruuger
Mod's Award - ruuger

Congratulations to you all. ruuger and delenn_xi, I need to know your chosen subject matter for Week 12, number of caps, any other restrictions you want etc. Hopefully, I can get the caps post done this weekend. :)
Tags: delenn, maintainer post, results, sheridan, sinclair, week 10a - sinclair, week 10b - sleeping light (s and d)

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