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Week 12 - Info

Thanks to aris_tgd for offering to help with caps. I put a few episodes in the DVD drive and was okay in the end.

BTW, the only restriction this week is to use at least one of the caps for each challenge.
Why, well, how can I impose restrictions of the handsome face of evil that is Morden?
With the Vorlons, it'll be difficult enough to be expressive when there's no real face with which to work. Kosh is cool and I'm sure you'll make something great.

*cough* if any of you have got ideas for restrictions in future weeks, my e-mail addy is on the info page

Big hug to yous because it is Monday soon (or already if you're in Brisbane (hi bb5ers)).

Back to the contest:
All Week 12 caps are available from this post.
Tags: challenge reminder, maintainer post, week 12a - vorlons, week 12b - morden
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