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Week 13

Man, I am so behind on my iconning; I really need to keep up. Anyway, the icons.

Last, best hope

It says, "Fleeting wisp of glory" from the reprise of the song "Camelot" from... Camelot. The font is called Camelot, too. Do you think I went a little overboard with that? Nah. That song from the end of the show just popped in my head for this one, so... yeah. Not that a person could tell, but there are actually some pink and blue and blue and orange gradients (from crumblingwalls, natch), but the actual noticeable gradients are from the Adobe site. And brushes by morayasicons, I believe.

Mr. Allan

I was saddened as I was making this icon, as I couldn't think of any really great Zach lines or anything. Well, besides, "Chief...." *g* Having only seen the series once, though, I'm excusing myself. Anyway. Um. It says, "eager beaver" across his collar in Verdana, which is kind of mean, but come on, look at his expression. And when the picture's bigger, his teeth look particularly bucky. Poor guy.
Right then. Gradients by crumblingwalls, brushes by quebelly and others, and soften picture action from, which is an awesome site name.

I didn't really feel like I was "in the zone" today; hopefully, soon I will find that exit clearly marked, "The Zone." Otherwise, I'm likely to get even more behind with the iconning. *notices happyme's latest post* D'oh!
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