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Week 14 & 15 - Info

Week 14
Does anybody else have any Week 14 icons?

I really should get the voting poll up on Wednesday.

The caps are here if you're interested.

Week 15
I screwed up Week 15. I took caps from Wheel Of Fire rather than Into The Fire. I didn't even think until I was reading one of the Babylon 5 season guides (apologies himawari). I just knew that I'd posted the wrong caps.

So here's the deal, the number of submissions has reduced. This is a busy time of year. Many members are either studying and/or working in jobs where they will have to cover for colleagues over the holiday months.

I'm going to cap/upload "Into The Fire" tonight, I'll extend Week 15 and make the contest fortnightly for the foreseeable future. That'll give you three icons to work on (for Week 15 and then Week 17 and every other week onwards), but, more time in which to complete them. It'll also give me more time to provide links for tutorials/brushes etc.

I see so many online icon contests that I'd like to enter (I'm no expert and really need to improve). I find that I just can't enter them in the timescales set. It must be very frustrating for you to be in the same position.

I'd also like to start entering icons myself (excluded from the Mod's Choice Awards of course). This community is open so you can see who votes for what, plus, I know that I can trust you to vote for the icon, not the maker. I really don't want to win anything unless the icon is deserving of it.

I'm still very much committed to this community and to encouraging you all to demonstrate your icon-making skills.

ETA: I'll be adding deadlines in the future. :)

Tags: challenge reminder, maintainer post, week 14a - lorien, week 14b - talia, week 15a - g'kar, week 15b - wheel of fire, week 15c - into the fire

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