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November 2011



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Heroes: Hiro - Concentrate!

muffinmonster in babylon5contest

Week 17 - Galen & Isabelle

Be gentle, this is the very first icon I've done using The Gimp, and I just installed the program two days ago ;)


Looks good to me :)

If you need pointing at good Gimp resources, I have some useful bookmarks - although there's a link on the right to ones happyme has found, and they're pretty good too :)
Thanks :) So far I find Gimp a bit confusing because I can't find all the tools I know from Photoshop (although, judging by those tutorials, most of them appear to be available), and the three seperate windows drive me crazy! ;) Do you have any resources for Gimp brushes? And would you happen to know if it's possible in Gimp to adjust the space between characters in text? (I think this is called kerning.) Actually it's the text options that I miss the most right now, being able to adjust line spacing and font size just isn't enough! *g*
Three windows? I have the main one, with a docking port at the bottom for layers and tool options, and then the image windows, that's all. For brushes, I've found a couple of places - I know this was one of them. I think I'm doing something wrong with brushes generally, though - I don't seem to get the proper effect. For things like borders, I tend to download the image packs people make, and just paste them in as separate layers, which I then modify.

Sadly, I don't know how to adjust the text spacing - but if you find a way, do let me know! This link suggests that it may not be, although someone elsewhere recommends "the gimp-freetype plug-in", whatever that is. gimp_users is a decent information resource, also.

Best of luck! It's a great programme, and I'm learning huge amounts, with the challenges here...
When I first started the program, I really had three windows, but since then I have found out that you can put the layer window also with the tools :) I searched DeviantArt for brushes, but didn't really find a lot (or at least not many I found useful). I miss my border brushes :( Guess I'll have to go hunt for image packs now...

I just did a search for the plugin you mentioned, but it seems to be only available for Linux. I'm too lazy to boot into Linux everytime I want to do icons, so I guess that won't be an option for me. It does look very nifty, though *sigh*
Deviantart is the best resource for GIMP brushes. I must try GIMP out myself.
Gimp is a bit confusing at first and sometimes the way it works is extremely annoying (as in long winded), but it's not like Photoshop doesn't do this as well ;) I miss a couple of Photoshop's features, and it sucks that Gimp isn't as well supported as PS, but all in all the program isn't bad, especially considering that they give it away for free. I'm pretty sure that once I get to know the program better I'll be able to do most of the things I could do in PS. Right know my biggest problem is figuring out which features are hidden where ;)
Oooooh pretty coloring!