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Week 74 - Black, White and Colo(u)r Splash - Challenge Info

This Week's challenge was chosen by Week 68 - Susan Ivanova Gold Awardee luminousdaze.

The stipulation is that your icons have to be black and white with only a splash of colour.

luminousdaze has provided a helpful link here from which you can find plenty of tutorials.

With regard to the screencaps, any can be used, provided that they are from Babylon 5 and its related series/movies and that they are available to all members. If you are unable to find a particular cap, please advise.

There are many images at babylon5contest. You can search for them via the caps tag here.

There is no limitation on the number of icons you may submit.

Please comment with your questions/queries.

Current Deadline:
Wednesday 30 December 2009, 11:59 pm Los Angeles time.