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babylon5contest's Journal

rewarding excellence and promoting learning in Babylon 5 icon-making.

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Babylon 5 icons contest community.

Rewarding excellence and promoting learning in Babylon 5 icon-making.

We have varying challenges.

The winners receive a banner.

Everyone seems to be having fun.

Every member can post and vote.

Please join and enter the contests. It doesn't matter how much/little icon-making experience you have. You'll learn if you post each week and your entries are both needed and wanted.

Friendly feedback is encouraged (please state something like "no feedback" if you don't want it).

Don't vote for yourself. Such votes are disregarded, besides, it is a pointless thing to do. So many members do vote, it makes no difference to the final tally.

Don't vote for the icon based on who made it. (We've gotta vote for the love of the icons.)

You can use whatever brushes, text etc you wish (subject to the challenge's restrictions).

Icons have to conform to LJ size rules (otherwise, you'll never be able to use/share them for LJ use should you wish to).

Try to state the font(s) used (makes for much easier banner creation).

If a member is willing to share share an icon they've made with you, credit it them for it. Information on how to do this can be found here. This helps other fans to find the makers/posts of icons they might like.

You get to post your icons in a new entry. This enables you to share your icons as well as receive feedback about them. We love to discuss the icons and share links to tutorials, brushes etc. This community is really open like that. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who made what icon anyway (links and styles can be dead giveaways). This does mean that you will get a few extra posts on your readling/friends lists. It's a community after all, being involved with it is kind of the point.

Your maintainer makes mistakes like every other being on this planet. If you're unhappy about something, please comment.

There are Gold, Silver, Bronze and Mod's awards. This'll result in there being a total of 4 banners up for grabs per challenge (more if there's a tie or if the number of entries justifies Copper and Tin awards). You stand a very good chance of winning one (or more) if you enter on a regular basis. The awards are personalised to the individual icon - a lot of love goes into making them.

The caps are produced from dvds.

Gold winners get the choice of subject matter/number of caps/limitations. These choices are now available from the Babylon 5 series, the TV Movies set, Crusade, Legend of the Rangers and The Lost Tales.

Please join in on the fun.



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This is a completely non-profit fan community and is in no way connected with the copyright holders of the series Babylon 5, Crusade and any of their related trademarks.

Other info:
happyme - Maintainer of voting and general community tasks, maker of banners.
whitestar - Maintainer of Tags/indexing and new memberships.

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